The Cajatom is a new percussion instrument which is basically made of a cubed resonance box onto which four drums are mounted, one on each vertical side of the box. The top surface of the box is fitted with a rotating seat, allowing the player to move quickly between the drums. You can use it as a classic cajón or mounting diferent drums to the sides or even mixing cajon addons with drums.

These drums which are easily fixed to the resonance body consist of different skin-covered drums and/or the Spanish Cajón. The Cajón is normally played in Flamenco.

It is possible to fit a microphone in the centre of the resonance box of the Cajatom. This will produce clear, high quality sound from all four instruments.The four drums are each mounted at an angle of 15 degrees to the vertical sides of the resonance box. The player does therefore not have to bend his back, enabling him to play music in a relaxed manner.

Cajatom is the percussion instrument for creative percussionists and drummers providing many new possibilities for playing music and creating sounds and rhythms.