Majid & Friends

majid-karamiMy name is Majid Karami and I’m not only building percussion instruments but a real passionate percussionist. I invite you to take a trip through the instruments I`ve created over the last decades. You will surely find some percussion instruments you have never seen before with outstanding sounds. You will also find traditional, clasic instruments which I have improved achieving better sounds and making  it easier to tune and play. Designing the right sound is a tricky thing and only possible with the right portion of experience.

After many years of suffer, working hard, experimenting with new materials and designs I’m happy to say that I created some awesome instruments providing new possibilities to all of us!

Percussion is a passion which I share with you through my instruments.

„As constantly in quest of new sounds and concert experiences I am very happy having met Majid Karami. His research work is fundamental for the next generation of percussion instruments and percussionists.“

Max Gaertner
OMRI-HASON“Majid Karami keeps surprising me! He always manages to creat new Instruments and to develop innovative ideas. A great source of inspiration!”


“Majid Karami brings creative innovations to the percussion range like few others. His passion and love for his craft are inspiring as are his instruments.”


“Majid is not only a great maker but also a true artist! Thank You Majid for “my” Darbouka and Tombak!”


“Majid is a drum-constructor who puts all his lifeblood into traditional and newly built drums. In every single piece you can find his soul. Fantastic!”


“I love everything about Majid’s Darbuka, the look, the balance and most of all the beatiful sound.”


“I play the Darbuka, the Daf and the Kanjira of Majid DRUMS. Amazing instruments with extraordinary quality and most important: EXTRAORDINARY sounds!!”


“I play the Cajatom of Majid DRUMS. A really unique all-round drum!”


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