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You can spin the top in two ways, with a rapid twisting movement of your finger on the top or by using an extra pull rope, also included in the package.


Peacock, the symbol of peace, immortality and beauty

Every culture has its own stories and interpretation on different issues. Peacock motifs are seen everywhere. In all cultures, the Peacock is the emblem of beauty and prosperity, which is expressed by its colorful plumage. In some countries, such as India, the peacock is the symbol of immortality as well. In the ornaments of architecture and art deco that are so often found in different countries, it appears as a symbol of elegance and an art of living.

Peacock’s feather on wooden spinning tops

Considering this popularity, there is no coincidence that Majiddrums has also been inspired by the ornamental motif of peacock feathers and used them in his artistic designs.

When you look at this delicately carved wooden spinning top, you have the impression that a colorful peacock is dancing in front of you, proud and glorious.

You will marvel at the patterns as you hold this hand-made top in hand and look at it from different angels. The motifs have different shapes above and below. At the top, they are hollow, at the bottom filled. Its structure is amazing and you wonder which tools are used to make it and how the idea of ​​making such a high-quality wooden top was formed in the mind of its creator.

Spinning top, a popular toy

Playing tops spinning is just a matter of practice. You can spin the top with your thumb and forefinger or hold the top upright and pull a rope to throw it. This operation of a wooden spinning top with rope is a game that requires a little practice.

Peacock in rotation

Hypnotizing, this scientific toy is an original gift to discover optical illusions. Spinning top with optical effect to animate a children’s snack or as birthday games.

Peacock is 100% handcrafted and is made of solid Ebony, Wenge and Buxus. The delicately carved peacock feathers motifs make it look more decorative.


Size: 67 x 77 mm
Material: Ebony, wenge, buxus
Box: Wood


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