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The philosophy of the spinning top: The world turns, just like a spinning top!

For some people, the top symbolizes the axis of the world on which the terrestrial globe rotates. In fact, the rotating movement of a spinning top evokes balance in a moving universe.
The spinning top seeks its balance on its axis. It seems to have eternity in front of it, but it gradually loses speed, exhausts itself and finally, stops on the ground, overcome by its mad race against the physical forces, which govern our Universe. That is exactly like our life cycle.

Spinning top, an educational toy

These educational toys will make you discover and observe the gyroscopic force and different movements of the center of gravity. These are caused by the frictional forces between the tip of the router and the ground. The law of solid friction states that for two dry solid surfaces sliding against one another, the magnitude of the kinetic friction exerted through the surface is independent of the magnitude of the velocity of the slipping of the surfaces against each other.

A stress relief toy for adults

Spinning top is an ideal toy for reducing stress, anxiety and boredom. Just place the handle of the top between thumb and forefinger and simply twist it, then watch how fantastically it rotate. This rotation helps the people to concentrate and to overcome distraction.

A surprising gift

These tiny wooden spinning tops are surprising unusual gifts both men and women, adults or children. It also serves as a competitive game for two or more persons.


Pendel is 100% handcrafted and is made of solid Padauk. The outward appearance is delicate but it is strong inside. When you are embarrassed, distracted or tired, just make a rapid twist to see how it rotates tirelessly, giving you a relaxing sensations.

Size:  50 x 65 mm
Material: Padouk
Box: PVC or Handmade wood box

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PVC, Handmade wood box


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