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You can spin the top in two ways, with a rapid twisting movement of your finger on the top or by using an extra pull rope, also included in the package.


A spinning top made of woody fruits of Banksia!

While walking in the rainforests of Australia, sometimes a pile of cone-shaped fruits is seen on the ground, somehow looking like volcanic rock, full of small holes. These cone-shaped, woody fruits of the Banksia tree are really fresh and good smelling and their shape and beauty catches the attention. We may take some of them to use at home as a decorative object. But does anyone come to the idea to turn these seemingly insignificant things into a fun and relaxing tool?

Yes! That’s true. This beautiful spinning top is another handmade artistic and creative product of Majiddrums carpentry atelier, made of these woody fruits. It is amazing, isn’t it!

A top rotating like a flying saucer

Hold this top in the hand and touch the natural roughness of the cones. Then throw it on a flat surface and let it spin. The holes in the wood move in front of your eyes quickly, giving you an optical illusion. Just be careful not to fall into a hypnotic sleep, because the rotational movement of the black holes on the spinning top make your eyes feel relaxed and after a while, your eyelids may tend to close!
So, spinning top would be a good alternative for sleepless night as well, when you are exhausted and need a relaxing toy to play with for a while. Give it a twist and after a long rotation, when is finally stops, you are already asleep!

Tannen, a unique spinning top for nature lovers

If you are interested in surprising your friends and relatives – of any gender – with a special gift, be sure to think about this unique spinning top, especially to those who love the nature.

Tannen is 100% handcrafted and is made of Brazilian walnut, Banksia and Aluminum. The surface roughness of wood gives a pleasant feeling when touched.


Size: 70 x 75 mm
Material: Brazilian walnut, banksia, aluminum
Box: Handmade wood box


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