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You can spin the top in two ways, with a rapid twisting movement of your finger on the top or by using an extra pull rope, also included in the package.


Tasvir Spinning top, rich in ornamental motifs

Tasvir is a high quality and fabulous top that spins its most beautiful colors. This Majiddrums handcrafted spinning top, just like the other models, is a perfect balance between performance and beauty. It consists of small pieces or layers of wood put carefully together according to the shape, glued together, and finally turned into these beautiful tops. It is just like a tornado, spinning extremely smoothly and quietly. Its duration of rotation fascinates young and old people.

A spinning top to improve your focus

Spin this perfectly handcrafted top and watch it move. It heightens your concentration and helps you improve your focus when you feel distracted at work or just need to let your imagination run wild! It rotates, allowing you to down in your dreams, to escape from everyday life and to reduce the mad speed of your modern life!

Spinning stop’s circular motion

We are always fascinated by objects that rotate and dance before our eyes. It seems to be an inborn attraction to uniform circular motions. In fact this rotation is part of our daily life because our planet is spinning on an axis too. May be this fascination is due to an instinctive feeling!

Start a competition with family members or friends, with a tiny top!

We all need to step away from the routines from time to time. Playing with spinning tops in a family gathering or friend group can be an exciting entertainment. Just add a timer and start the competition. You can encourage the competitors to maximize the strength of their launch and to improve their spin techniques.

Tasvir , Wooden Spinning top

Tasvir is 100% handcrafted and is made of thin layers of Brazilian walnut, walnut, maple, colored veneer glued together. It is offered with a wood packaging, which adds to its value as a gift.


Size: 62 x 73mm
Material: Brazilian walnut, walnut, maple, colored veneer
Box: Handmade wood box



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