Top down

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Top down

About 130 years ago, a special top was patented by a German physician called Helene Sperl from Munich as a “turning top” (Wendekreisel). Long before that, children from the Amazon region had been playing with round bowls made from a tropical plant named Calabash that was similar to this spinning top in shape and function.

Majiddrums Top down is a perfect imitation of this old German version.

The magic of Top down

The body of “Top down” is like a truncated sphere. The turning handle is a short narrow stem attached perpendicular to the center.
This top has a surprising behaviour! At rest, it stands practically sidewise. When it is spun to the motion at a high velocity, its turning handle tilts quickly to horizontal and smoothly rotates sideward. Then suddenly, the body of the top lifts up with the handle now pointing downward.

The particularity of this spinning top

This is quite astonishing that the top rotates on its handle instead of its body, because when turning around, the center of gravity of the top rises, and in principle it should be less stable and therefore prefer to turn as it has been thrown. But to our surprise, it continues to rotate on the stem until the moment it finally falls back to its primary position.

How to spin the top down

Hold the spinning top by the turning handle (stem). You have to throw the top vigorously to see it turn around. As the top moves, it tilts more and more. When the tip of the spinning top touches the stand, the top abruptly rises on its handle and continues to rotate in that position.

Top down is 100% handcrafted and is made of the fresh wood of ash tree. A light colored hardwood that is durable, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.


Size: 31 x 39mm
Material: Ash
Box: Wood box


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