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Body: Aluminium

Playing surface : Goat, calf

Tuning: patented tuning system with 8 screws

Diameter: 28 & 30 cm

Bag and tuning key included

With fish skin: 28 cm-  450 €

With fish skin: 30 cm- 550 €

With double skin (fish & goat): 28 cm- 500 €

With double skin (fish & goat): 30 cm- 600 €

The Darbuka consists of two components: the body and a circular frame positioned atop it, to which the skin is attached. The tension of the skin is regulated effortlessly by eight screws embedded in the circle, facilitating a simplified tuning process. This method ensures prolonged playability without compromising the integrity of the skin, allowing you to revel in the warm and natural sound for an extended duration.

As all instruments are handmade, note that production is time-consuming, taking about 6 weeks from the placement of order and payment.

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