The  Daf  is a certain type of frame drum that is widespread all over the orient.
Historically, the  Daf  is often associated with Sufi ceremonies and rituals.
Nowadays the sound of this special percussion instrument can be heard all over Middle Eastern and oriental music.
The popularity of the drum has increased, so you can find it in different countries like Iran, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Central Asia, Kurdistan and South-Eastern Europe.

You might have heard the catchy  Daf  drum sound in a bunch of oriental folk music songs before.
The Sound of  Majid  Drums “ Daf ” is especially unique because this high-quality percussion instrument is furnished with  metal rings on the inside.

Its  handmade frame  is covered with a natural skin, which gives the  Daf  its warm and traditional sound.
The playing-surface of this drum consists of  goat skin  by default and contrary to most standard  Dafs  —  its  tuneable .
Therefore, problems concerning the tension of the playing surface due to heat etc., are a thing of the past.
The tuning works with an air system, which means that the  durability of your drum is improved  since you don’t have to heat up the skin to adjust the sound.
Long live the  Daf !

Majid  Drums works with handpicked woods that are carefully crafted together, instead of using a single piece of solid wood.
Thus, the instrument is  remarkably light  (about 600 – 800g) and offers a comfortable way of playing.

The “ Daf ” by  Majid  Drums — what a drum!

The Majiddrums‘ DAF, crafted from Ayous wood,  is not only visually appealing but also boasts outstanding sound quality. With a diameter ranging from 50-53 centimeters and a weight of 750-850 grams, it strikes the perfect balance between portability and resonance.

One notable feature of the Majiddrums’ DAF it’s unique resonance and authentic sound. Traditionally, goat or sheepskin is used for this purpose, allowing for a rich and deep tone when played.

The use of Ayous wood in the construction of the DAF provides durability while maintaining a lightweight feel. This ensures that drummers can easily maneuver and produce the desired rhythm without sacrificing quality. The craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail in the construction of the Majiddrums’ DAF make it a highly sought-after instrument among percussionists and enthusiasts alike.

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Available in diameters of 45 cm, 50 cm and 53 cm.
Frame width: 6 cm.


250.00 including VAT, excluding shipping
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