Foto-03.10MAJID DRUMS presents the multi-patented world firsts among percussion instruments conjure up completely new sounds.
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Latest Offer | With the HAMGAM, Majid Drums presents the revolution for the Percussion-World. With its 7 Pads, including 1 Bass-Pad, 1 Snare and 5 more Percussion-Pads, this unique instrument offers a lot of possibilities. Notable is that all of the 7 Pads are tuneable due to magnets on each Pad. This offers endless variations of sounds.

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This innocent looking instrument is the perfect add-on for every drum and has a huge effect. You will be able to improve your whole sound using the “Jingle Pep”.The “Jingle Pep” offers a great sound variation and a lot of performance options. It is an effective add-on for both professional musician as well as hobby drummers.

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