The further development of the Cajon: THE CAJARONDA

The Cajon, Spanish equivalent for ‘drawer’ or ‘box’, is originally an African percussion instrument, brought by the first slaves of black Africa in Peru, used primarily, on the one hand as crates to collect and store fruits and fish, on the other hand to accompany their songs. In the late 1970s, flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia, while on tour in Peru, was touched by the sound of the Cajon and once back in Spain, decided to add it into his compositions. Later on, various modifications have been applied to the original one to produce snare effects. Nowadays, the box drum, as it is called in English, is used worldwide as a popular rhythm instrument in all styles of music.

Majid Karami, a well-known experienced music instrument maker has always felt that something, both technically and visually, was missing on the Cajon. That gave him a good motivation to develop it into CAJARONDA using his experience, expertise and creativity. Majid karami’s Cajaronda is a combination of high-quality materials, attractive design and sound variations.

The CAJARONDA still has the straight (square) face at the front, but its shape turns to round at the back and has now a very comfortable seat. With three attached rubber feet and its round shape, it is particularly stable and tilt-proof. The two laterally milled sound holes generate a powerful bass tone and the built-in cascaritas produce an additional castanet effect if desired. Inside the CAJARONDA there are 4 pre-tuned metal strings easily and individually adjustable at any time, depending on the desired snare effect.

The body of the CAJARONDA is made of high-quality solid wood, only oiled and waxed with natural products. With a microphone installed on the back, it can be easily connected to a mixer.

The woods, the design of the playing surface and even the colour can be completely adapted to the player’s desires. Due to its high-quality structure and wide sound spectrum, the CAJARONDA is both suitable for professional and stage musicians and beginners who value special sound, quality and design.


Body: solid wood of your choice, waxed and oiled
4 Anti-Vibration/- slip rubber feet
Built-in microphone (if desired)
4 individually tunable strings for adjustable snare effect
2 cascaritas on the side for chestnut effect
2 sound holes for powerful bass tones


1,100.00 including VAT, excluding shipping


780.00 including VAT, excluding shipping


820.00 including VAT, excluding shipping


870.00 including VAT, excluding shipping


950.00 including VAT, excluding shipping


990.00 including VAT, excluding shipping
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