HAMGAM by Majid Drums

The Hamgam is a completely new and unique approach to percussion by Cologne based drum manufacturer Majid Drums. Based on the ideas of a hand pan (hang drum), this instrument is entirely made of wood instead of metal. It offers 7 playing surfaces to the player, which are tuneable by a magnetic system. Thus the instrument features a broad range of sound variations and an enormous potential of possibilities. Like every instrument by Majid Drums, the Hamgam is 100% hand made.

Setup Hamgam:

The Hamgam consists of a wooden corpus and 7 playing surfaces, which are made from wood composites with a total thickness of 1mm. The biggest surface in the middle of the corpus features the bass sound, while another surface on the side of the corpus offers you a snare. The snares are tensed with a nut, that can easily be reached from the soundhole of the corpus, and can therefore be removed without any difficulty.

Six of the seven playing surfaces can be tuned by a magnetic system, with the snare drum being the only exception. Additionally two Kaskaritas are mounted to the corpus.

Nylon bag and rubber mat inclusive:
this instrument comes with a nylon bag and a rubber mat. The nylon bag is thickly padded and very solid. It comes with a set of backpack straps, so the instrument can be transported comfortably on the back. The rubber mat prevents the instrument from slipping if not mounted on a stand.

The HAMGAM was upgraded!

Every HAMGAM now comes with the additional attachment*.
If you already own a HAMGAM, we want to give you your own microphone attachment for free! – only the payment of the shipping fee is required.

You will be provided with a video clip in which Majid shows you how to attach the screw equipment.

*Microphone and holder not included.


640.00 including VAT, excluding shipping

Hamgam’s Videos

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