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The hamgam consists of a wooden body on which a total of 7 striking surfaces made of 1mm thin composite wood are attached. The largest playing surface in the middle of the body provides the bass, while another playing surface is provided with a snare carpet. The snare carpet is stretched over a nut inside the body and can therefore be removed without any problems.

Of the total of 7 playing surfaces, 6 can be tuned using a magnet system. Only the face of the snare is excluded. In addition, two cascaritas of different sizes are attached to the body of the hammam.

Including bag and anti-slip
mat : The hammam is delivered with a matching bag and an anti-slip mat. The bag is thickly padded and extremely robust. The rucksack straps allow the instrument to be carried comfortably on the back. The mat prevents the instrument from slipping while playing, unless it is mounted on a separate stand.

The HAMGAM had an update!
From now on, every newly built HAMGAM will receive a microphone adapter screw *.
So if you already own a HAMGAM, we would of course like to equip you with this addition – and that for free! You just take care of the shipping. We’ll also send you a video in which Majid Karami shows you personally how to set up the equipment.


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