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Wooden Handpan with seven striking surfaces and Kaskaritas

Majid Drums introduces the Hamgam, a groundbreaking innovation in the Percussion-World. Boasting 7 pads, including a Bass Pad, a snare, and various Percussion Pads, this instrument opens up a myriad of possibilities. Notably, all 7 pads are tuneable through magnets, providing limitless sound variations.

The Hamgam comes complete with 2 Kaskaritas. Its lightweight and ergonomic design ensure comfortable playability of this extraordinary instrument exceptionally convenient.

Material: Plywood in variousthickness

Overall diameter: approx. 58 cm

Height: approx. 21 cm

Striking surfaces tunable by magnet

Bag included

The striking surfaces diameter:

17 cm (Bass)

15 cm (Snare)

12 cm

2x 13 cm

2x 14 cm

As all instruments are handmade, note that production is time-consuming, taking about 6 weeks from the placement of order and payment.



Majid Drums is always looking for ways to create new and better instruments. The innovations that allow percussionists to explore new sounds and push the boundaries of what is possible in percussion world. The Hamgam is a completely new and unique approach to the percussion by this Cologne based drum manufacturer.

The Hamgam, a unique approach

Based on the ideas of a hand pan (Hang drum), the Hamgam is entirely made of wood instead of metal. It is designed to have the same characteristics as a metal handpan. However, its wooden construction provides a different, heavily wooden sound that sets it apart.  This wooden version of hang drum has a beautiful appearance as well. It offers 7 playing surfaces to the player, which are tuneable by a magnetic system. Thus the instrument features a broad range of sound variations and an enormous potential of possibilities that allows musicians to create more complex rhythms and melodies by playing different notes on the same instrument.

Additionally, small adjustments in tuning can also alter the overall mood and feel of the music being played. Therefore, the Hamgam is an excellent choice for musicians and percussionists who are looking for a new and exciting instrument that can add a distinct flavor to their performance. It captures the hearts of musicians and listeners worldwide because of its unique sound and has carved out its space in the world of music as a new type of percussion. With the increasing appreciation for percussion instrumetns around the world, the Hamgam has become a favorite among world musicians who seek to explore and share new sounds.

A rich and deep sound

It has a deep sound and is very versatile in terms of the rhythms and patterns it can produce. It has a rich, full sound and can easily fill in the gaps left by other percussion instruments. The Hamgam can also promote the improvisation skills. Unlike some other percussion instruments that have specific rhythmic patternt that need to be mastered, the Hamgam allows for more freedom and experimentation.

The players can create different rhythms and sounds simply by changing the way they strike the drum, or by incorporating different techniques such as slaps, taps, and bass hits. The Hamgam stands out as particularly adaptable and able to match well with other instruments. Thus it can be played as a solo instrument, or as part of an ensemble. Like every instrument by Majid Drums, the Hamgam is 100% hand made.


The Hamgam is made entirely of wood and is shaped like a handpan. It consists of a wooden corpus and 7 playing surfaces, which are made from wood composites with a total thickness of 1mm. The biggest surface in the middle of the corpus features the bass sound, while another surface on the side of the corpus offers you a snare. The snares are tensed with a nut, that can easily be reached from the soundhole of the corpus, and can therefore be removed without any difficulty.

Six of the seven playing surfaces can be tuned to different pitches by a magnetic system, with the snare drum being the only exception. Additionally two Kaskaritas are mounted to the corpus to add more flavor to this percussion.

Nylon bag and rubber mat inclusive

The hamgam comes with a nylon bag and a rubber mat. The nylon bag is thickly padded and very solid. It comes with a set of backpack straps, so the instrument can be transported comfortably on the back. The rubber mat prevents the instrument from slipping if not mounted on a stand.

The HAMGAM was upgraded!
Every HAMGAM now comes with the additional attachment *.
If you already own a HAMGAM, we want to give you your own microphone attachment for free! – only the payment of the shipping fee is required.

You will be provided with a video clip in which Majid shows you how to attach the screw equipment.

* Microphone and holder not included.

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