A more professional look at Handpan
Our Handpan is a cooperative product of Majiddrums and Pindrum (Pouya Inanlou).

From people’s point of view, Hangdrum or Handpan is a harmonic, relaxing and warm instrument that has developed in recent years.
This percussion instrument with good sounding musical notes has a complex structure. For this reason, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge and information when buying this percussion.
A good handpan has the following characteristics:
• Perfect sound
• High quality of materials
• Beautiful appearance
• High resistance to strong blows
• Clear sound without additional frequencies
• Long term warranty and after sales service

To learn more about the Handpan. Majid Drums together with Pindrums (Pouya Inanlou) offers those interested a brief explanation of the structure and arrangement of notes on this instrument. In addition to the nature of the sound and its resonance, the production principles are discussed and three important questions are answered.
• Is the instrument you own or will buy perfect?
• Does this instrument need to be tuned?
• Why do the instruments available on the market have different prices?

These questions can actually be discussed in detail, however, here are some briefly answers to the most important questions:

• the word “perfect” must be described. Many of the hang drums in the world do not have a perfect sound because the manufacturing techniques of this instrument are complicated. Many instrument makers have presented an imperfect version of the handpan with an unpleasant sound of the metal material.

• What is the reason?
Each handpan note contains at least three frequencies depending on the scale chosen.
Striking the middle of the notes with a finger or hand creates a dreamlike sound resonance, which, however, is usually imperceptible to the listener.
Striking on the lower side of the note produces the sound of the next octave. The beat on the side of the note (left and right) produces the sound of the fifth interval of the main note. In most handpans in the world, this sound, which is seven semitones higher, is not present or has a low frequency.

Note: Pin Drum, with technical skill in construction, has presented a very clear fifth interval with a beautiful resonance.
Hangdrums are made of metal and metal is usually exposed to heat and cold. Also, if played too hard, the tuning can change over time. This will cause the notes to become out of tune. A skilled handpan maker can avoid all these imperfections.

• Based on physics and knowledge of metals and many experiments, we have managed to produce instruments that are at least 5 times more stable in terms of tuning than instruments on the market. Our instruments have a 24-month warranty, another proof of our confidence in the quality of our products.
The price differences in the market is directly related to the long and careful production time which makes our quality.

We have taken all the above principles into consideration when manufacturing our handpans and by using the highest quality metal shell and best glue, precise art and the science of hammers it produces one of the best in the world for the fans.The fact that our instruments have a high reputation in the circles of famous musicians can only underline this fact.

We are proudly present our new Handpan


1,850.00 including VAT, excluding shipping