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Body: Ayous wood

Striking surface: Maple Plywood

Diameter: ca. 31 cm

Height: ca. 46 cm




The Udu, originated in Kenian traditional music, is usually made from clay.
Majid Drums has developed two wooden variations of the traditional Udu: the Ta-Udu and the Udu Wood.

The Ta-Udu’s corpus consists of ayous wood, a light, exotic wood with a beautiful and warm sound.
This gives the instrument a character of sound that is close to that of an indian tabla.
Additionally, the instrument is better protected against any kind of impact effect than the traditional clay instruments, due to its wooden corpus.

At the bottom of its corpus the Ta-Udu has a wooden striking surface that is 1mm thin.
An additional surface can be added to the side of the corpus on demand.


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