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Spinning Top

The spinning top, or simply top, has been around for thousands of years. It is one of the oldest recognizable toys found on archaeological sites. Spinning tops originated independently in cultures all over the world and were not only used as toys, but also in games of chance and for divination.

One of the oldest known predecessors of the spinning top is the four-sided “Dreidel”, inscribed with Hebrew letters. Spinning it is a popular game traditionally played during the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah. In Mexico people played with the “Perinola”, a 6-sided, wooden spinning top, while in Japan the “Beigoma” was very popular during the Edo period. It has a disc-shaped metal top around which a string is wound. It is considered the inspiration for the internationally successful manga series “Beyblade” in the 2000s, in which young people battle it out with spinning tops. The series was accompanied by a spinning top battle game of the same name, which became one of the world’s most popular games for many years.
There is even an official international top spinning competition – The World Spintop Championships.

Majid Karami‘s spinning tops are all lovingly hand-crafted originals made of wood, which can be used in many different ways. They are artistic objects, wonderful high quality toys and can even aid meditation and relaxation. Why not give it a try!

Our spinning tops are made of a variety of different materials, mainly different types of wood, including acacia, Brazilian walnut (ipe wood), maple, beech wood, walnut, ebony, padauk, wenge, etc., and metal (aluminum, copper , brass, etc.). Our tops are well-balanced, ensuring smooth rotation. You can spin these tops in two different ways: either by hand or with the help of the spindle and the string provided.

Each top is completely hand-made from 100% natural materials. We do not use varnish. Instead, we finish our products with natural oil and wax.

Your purchase is risk-free: if your are not satisfied, you can return your purchased items for a full refund. For purchases over € 35, we pay the shipping cost to destinations in Europe. Your items will be shipped 10-20 days after we receive your order, at the latest

Our special boxes are made out of fine wood, such as walnut, maple, oak, etc., and can be used as decorative containers or stands.



Spinning tops, symbol of balance

If you ask older people what they remember most about their childhood toys, you will hear a variety of simple types of nostalgic ones. Among a variety of them, there is one that most children play with at some point in their lives.

This toy has been around for thousands of years. Intended to turn on itself as long as possible, balanced on its top, it entertains children and serves as an anti-stress for adults.

This tiny toy comes in a wide variety of shapes and colors, but its function remains the same in all varieties. Whether you spin the top with your fingers or hold the top upright as you pull a rope to throw it, the top spins quickly, miraculously standing for a long time before wobbling and falling back.

The Physics of the Spinning Top

If you ask a physicist how a spinning top toy works, you will receive a fascinating and long explanation. However, let us look at some of the basic forces that make optimal rotation, without getting into advanced physics and mathematics.

When we use our fingers to throw a spinning top, we give the top a force that converts its potential energy into the energy of motion.

Something that spins, will keep spinning if there are no other influences. As the top spins, it balances on its fine point, which minimizes the amount of friction generated by its contact with the surface on which it spins.

Which material is used to make a spinning top

Like many traditional toys, such as ball games, the old-fashioned spinning tops were made of clay. Later, wooden spinning tops appeared around.

Majiddrums spinning tops are all passionately and skilfully handcrafted out of different types of wood and metal. Being among the best spinning tops, they are fantastic high quality toys, which can even help us to meditate and relax, at home or at work, while taking a short break.

A nostalgic gift

To play alone or with friends, spinning tops are ideal as small gifts for birthday parties.


Spindle is 100% handcrafted and is made of fine wood and aluminum. The delicately carved handle helps us make a rapid twist for an optimal rotation. Watching the balanced rotation makes us improve our concentration, what we need the most in our daily life full of distraction.

Size: 48 x 71 mm
material: Ipe wood, acacia, aluminum
Box: Handmade wood box





The philosophy of the spinning top: The world turns, just like a spinning top!

For some people, the top symbolizes the axis of the world on which the terrestrial globe rotates. In fact, the rotating movement of a spinning top evokes balance in a moving universe.
The spinning top seeks its balance on its axis. It seems to have eternity in front of it, but it gradually loses speed, exhausts itself and finally, stops on the ground, overcome by its mad race against the physical forces, which govern our Universe. That is exactly like our life cycle.

Spinning top, an educational toy

These educational toys will make you discover and observe the gyroscopic force and different movements of the center of gravity. These are caused by the frictional forces between the tip of the router and the ground. The law of solid friction states that for two dry solid surfaces sliding against one another, the magnitude of the kinetic friction exerted through the surface is independent of the magnitude of the velocity of the slipping of the surfaces against each other.

A stress relief toy for adults

Spinning top is an ideal toy for reducing stress, anxiety and boredom. Just place the handle of the top between thumb and forefinger and simply twist it, then watch how fantastically it rotate. This rotation helps the people to concentrate and to overcome distraction.

A surprising gift

These tiny wooden spinning tops are surprising unusual gifts both men and women, adults or children. It also serves as a competitive game for two or more persons.


Pendel is 100% handcrafted and is made of solid Padauk. The outward appearance is delicate but it is strong inside. When you are embarrassed, distracted or tired, just make a rapid twist to see how it rotates tirelessly, giving you a relaxing sensations.

Size:  50 x 65 mm
Material: Padouk
Box: PVC or Handmade wood box




Peacock, the symbol of peace, immortality and beauty

Every culture has its own stories and interpretation on different issues. Peacock motifs are seen everywhere. In all cultures, the Peacock is the emblem of beauty and prosperity, which is expressed by its colorful plumage. In some countries, such as India, the peacock is the symbol of immortality as well. In the ornaments of architecture and art deco that are so often found in different countries, it appears as a symbol of elegance and an art of living.

Peacock’s feather on wooden spinning tops

Considering this popularity, there is no coincidence that Majiddrums has also been inspired by the ornamental motif of peacock feathers and used them in his artistic designs.

When you look at this delicately carved wooden spinning top, you have the impression that a colorful peacock is dancing in front of you, proud and glorious.

You will marvel at the patterns as you hold this hand-made top in hand and look at it from different angels. The motifs have different shapes above and below. At the top, they are hollow, at the bottom filled. Its structure is amazing and you wonder which tools are used to make it and how the idea of ​​making such a high-quality wooden top was formed in the mind of its creator.

Spinning top, a popular toy

Playing tops spinning is just a matter of practice. You can spin the top with your thumb and forefinger or hold the top upright and pull a rope to throw it. This operation of a wooden spinning top with rope is a game that requires a little practice.

Peacock in rotation

Hypnotizing, this scientific toy is an original gift to discover optical illusions. Spinning top with optical effect to animate a children’s snack or as birthday games.

Peacock is 100% handcrafted and is made of solid Ebony, Wenge and Buxus. The delicately carved peacock feathers motifs make it look more decorative.


Size: 67 x 77 mm
Material: Ebony, wenge, buxus
Box: Wood




Tasvir Spinning top, rich in ornamental motifs

Tasvir is a high quality and fabulous top that spins its most beautiful colors. This Majiddrums handcrafted spinning top, just like the other models, is a perfect balance between performance and beauty. It consists of small pieces or layers of wood put carefully together according to the shape, glued together, and finally turned into these beautiful tops. It is just like a tornado, spinning extremely smoothly and quietly. Its duration of rotation fascinates young and old people.

A spinning top to improve your focus

Spin this perfectly handcrafted top and watch it move. It heightens your concentration and helps you improve your focus when you feel distracted at work or just need to let your imagination run wild! It rotates, allowing you to down in your dreams, to escape from everyday life and to reduce the mad speed of your modern life!

Spinning stop’s circular motion

We are always fascinated by objects that rotate and dance before our eyes. It seems to be an inborn attraction to uniform circular motions. In fact this rotation is part of our daily life because our planet is spinning on an axis too. May be this fascination is due to an instinctive feeling!

Start a competition with family members or friends, with a tiny top!

We all need to step away from the routines from time to time. Playing with spinning tops in a family gathering or friend group can be an exciting entertainment. Just add a timer and start the competition. You can encourage the competitors to maximize the strength of their launch and to improve their spin techniques.

Tasvir , Wooden Spinning top

Tasvir is 100% handcrafted and is made of thin layers of Brazilian walnut, walnut, maple, colored veneer glued together. It is offered with a wood packaging, which adds to its value as a gift.


Size: 62 x 73mm
Material: Brazilian walnut, walnut, maple, colored veneer
Box: Handmade wood box





A spinning top made of woody fruits of Banksia!

While walking in the rainforests of Australia, sometimes a pile of cone-shaped fruits is seen on the ground, somehow looking like volcanic rock, full of small holes. These cone-shaped, woody fruits of the Banksia tree are really fresh and good smelling and their shape and beauty catches the attention. We may take some of them to use at home as a decorative object. But does anyone come to the idea to turn these seemingly insignificant things into a fun and relaxing tool?

Yes! That’s true. This beautiful spinning top is another handmade artistic and creative product of Majiddrums carpentry atelier, made of these woody fruits. It is amazing, isn’t it!

A top rotating like a flying saucer

Hold this top in the hand and touch the natural roughness of the cones. Then throw it on a flat surface and let it spin. The holes in the wood move in front of your eyes quickly, giving you an optical illusion. Just be careful not to fall into a hypnotic sleep, because the rotational movement of the black holes on the spinning top make your eyes feel relaxed and after a while, your eyelids may tend to close!
So, spinning top would be a good alternative for sleepless night as well, when you are exhausted and need a relaxing toy to play with for a while. Give it a twist and after a long rotation, when is finally stops, you are already asleep!

Tannen, a unique spinning top for nature lovers

If you are interested in surprising your friends and relatives – of any gender – with a special gift, be sure to think about this unique spinning top, especially to those who love the nature.

Tannen is 100% handcrafted and is made of Brazilian walnut, Banksia and Aluminum. The surface roughness of wood gives a pleasant feeling when touched.


Size: 70 x 75 mm
Material: Brazilian walnut, banksia, aluminum
Box: Handmade wood box


Top down

Top down

Top down

About 130 years ago, a special top was patented by a German physician called Helene Sperl from Munich as a “turning top” (Wendekreisel). Long before that, children from the Amazon region had been playing with round bowls made from a tropical plant named Calabash that was similar to this spinning top in shape and function.

Majiddrums Top down is a perfect imitation of this old German version.

The magic of Top down

The body of “Top down” is like a truncated sphere. The turning handle is a short narrow stem attached perpendicular to the center.
This top has a surprising behaviour! At rest, it stands practically sidewise. When it is spun to the motion at a high velocity, its turning handle tilts quickly to horizontal and smoothly rotates sideward. Then suddenly, the body of the top lifts up with the handle now pointing downward.

The particularity of this spinning top

This is quite astonishing that the top rotates on its handle instead of its body, because when turning around, the center of gravity of the top rises, and in principle it should be less stable and therefore prefer to turn as it has been thrown. But to our surprise, it continues to rotate on the stem until the moment it finally falls back to its primary position.

How to spin the top down

Hold the spinning top by the turning handle (stem). You have to throw the top vigorously to see it turn around. As the top moves, it tilts more and more. When the tip of the spinning top touches the stand, the top abruptly rises on its handle and continues to rotate in that position.

Top down is 100% handcrafted and is made of the fresh wood of ash tree. A light colored hardwood that is durable, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing.


Size: 31 x 39mm
Material: Ash
Box: Wood box




Size: 65 * 70 mm
Material: Padauk, Brazilian walnut, Copper, Aluminium
Box: Handmade wood box




Size: 67 x 45mm
Material: Brazilian walnut, maple
Box: Handmade wood box






Size: 35 x 21mm
Material: Pear wood