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☀️Body: Solid wood, at the purchaser’s choice, waxed and oiled
☀️Anti-vibration / slip rubber feet
☀️Built-in microphone (if desired)
☀️4 individually tunable strings for adjustable snare effect
☀️Castanet effect through two laterally attached cascaritas
☀️2 sound holes producing powerful bass tones

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Majid’s patented version of Cajon combines the high-quality materials, attractive design and sound variations. With its traditional shape at the front, turning to round at the back, it allows the percussionist to enjoy a comfortable seat while playing.

Majid Drums Cajaronda is very stable thanks to its 4 rubber feet, generates powerful bass tones and special effect due to 2 lateral sound holes and built-in cascaritas (if desired) and produces desired snare effect with the 4 separately adjustable metal strings inside.

Majid Drums Cajaronda is an ideal percussion instrument for those who appreciate both the quality and the beauty.

  • High quality wood
  • Attractive design
  • Comfortable seat
  • Tunable strings and adjustable snare effect
  • Powerful bass tones
Width: 35cm
Depth: 35cm
Height: approx 490 cm
Weight: approx 5.7 kg
Substance: Solid walnut and maple wood
Playing surface:  Plywood & Decorative veneer

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