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The world-famous Djembe is from Senegal, Africa. There the Djembe is carved from a single piece of tree stem wood. Usually goat skin is used and is fixed with two iron rings and a complicated system of cords to the drum body.

The Djembes I manufacture are made of solid wood, such as ash, walnut, maple, beech, etc.

I produce wooden rings that are glued together and when they are dry they are turned on the lathe to form the typical Djembe body. The only exception: on the top of the Djembe there is a ledge within which I attach eight to ten screws, depending on the size of the Djembe. Afterwards I fix a wooden ring onto it. The goatskin is then streched over the wooden ring and half of the ledge.

With the help of this screw system, I can now freely tighten the eardrum of the Djembe and easily adjust it.


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