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Body: Ayous wood

Striking surface: Natural skin

Diameter: ca. 31 cm

Height: ca. 46 cm

Each side is tunable with 6 screws

2 Kaskaritas and soft bag included

As all instruments are handmade, note that production is time-consuming, taking about 6 weeks from the placement of order and payment.



Explore the world of Uduwood, a remarkable percussion innovation inspired by traditional Nigerian music. Crafted by MajidDrums, Uduwood offers a unique twist on the classic Udu clay pot drum. It boasts a rich history and is constructed from high-quality calfskin or fishskin, ensuring both authenticity and durability.

Uduwood’s distinct design features three playing surfaces that deliver a wide range of pitch ranges and tones, allowing musicians to experiment and create fantastic melodies. Its tuneable nature, enabled by a screw system, lets artists fine-tune the instrument to their liking, making it a adaptable tool for creative expression.What truly sets Uduwood apart are its charming sound effects. With its exceptional materials and attractive design, this instrument produces a broad spectrum of hypnotic sounds, from deep bass to crisp tones, suitable for various musical genres.Uduwood’s evocative power is undeniable, connecting players with their audience on an emotional level and adding depth to any performance. Embark on a musical journey with Udu wood, where innovation meets tradition, and experience its enchanting melodies and rhythms. This tuneable instrument is an essential addition to any musician’s creative arsenal.

The Udu Wood is a further development of the Ta-Udu that lead to a very new kind of this instrument. It features two additional playing surfaces made of calfskin and fish skin. Both skins are tuneable with a screw system. The fish skin gives you a clean attack while the calfskin offers a warm sound with its characteristic sustain.

In addition to the three striking surfaces, this drum is also equipped with two kaskaritas, which enhance the sound. With these kaskaritas, a latin sound can be produced and played very quickly. The Kaskaritas are also a patented idea of the master craftsman Majid and consist of different woods.

This percussion instrument is not only an eyecatcher, but also a very special instrument in terms of sound and variety. Depending on the type of playing, eight different sounds can be played simultaneously. Due to the tunability of this wooden Udu, the possibilities are limitless. No matter how often the drum is played, it never gets boring.

If you are looking for a new drum or a new challenge – this is just the drum you are looking for.
Purchase the Udu Wood now and discover all of its features.
Explore new sounds and rhythms with this wooden revolution.


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