The Darbuka is a goblet drum, which has its origins in the Middle East and the North African area. Traditionally, the carcass/body consists of clay, which is covered with a goat skin as a striking surface. It is one of the great percussion instruments in the world. Since about 50 years, Modern Darbukas are made of metal and synthetic skin.

Majid´s Darbuka is truly a world novelty that combines characteristics of both traditional and modern versions of the instrument. While keeping its original terracotta optic, Majid has given this Darbuka an aluminum body, which adds to its durability and simplifies the transportation of the drum while keeping it at the same weight as the original ones made of clay.

In true Majid Drums fashion, a screw-system enables the player to tune this Darbuka without heating up the skin. This systems helps to maintain the quality of the drum´s surface.

As far as the surface goes, you can choose between four natural skins: fish, deer, goat and calf.


400.00500.00 Excl.VAT & shipping costs
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